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(SAAKK​) Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Who Kidnap’s Shaurya!


The episode begins with Anokhi as she slaps tightly to Vineet and Babli gets shocked to see this. Vineet gets angry at her and pushed her. Babli stops him and asks him not to trouble her sister. She says if he tries to do anything wrong with her sister then she won’t spare him. She adds that she tolerates everything as long as he insults her but if he will insult her sister then it will be not good for him. Vineet says to her that maybe she doesn’t want to live anymore.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani2

Vineet tries to scare her but at the same time, Anokhi takes a stone in her hands and asks him to leave Babli. She says to him that he is not a human. He threatens Babli saying that he will kill her. He says to both sisters that they crossed all the limits today. Anokhi says to him that now he can’t do anything wrong to Babli as she is not weak anymore. Anokhi tells him that he is going to hire the best divorce lawyer for her sister. Ahir reaches there when Vineet is going to hit the sister from behind. He gets stunned to see Ahir there.

Ahir says to him that he can’t do anything anymore as he is going to jail. Anokhi asks him to lock him in jail. Vineet receives a call from someone and talks to him. After that, he requests Babli to get him to release from Ahir. He says to her that he won’t trouble her again. He says if her parents get to know about it, what will they think. Babli gets manipulated by him and asks Ahir to leave him. Anokhi asks her not to become weak again. She says to her that she is thinking about their father.

Babli says that once they go back to their house. she will give him a divorce for sure. Ahir does the same as Babli says to him to do. He asks Babli to stay with Anokhi in her room. Vineet goes away from there. He says that he won’t spare her so easily and will return again. He makes a call to the kidnapper to know about Shaurya. Ahir says to both sisters that today they make him feel very proud. Babli says everything could be possible just because of Anokhi. They spend some good time together.

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