Home News Is Rylo Rodriguez Arrested? Where is Rapper Rylo Rodriguez Right Now?

Is Rylo Rodriguez Arrested? Where is Rapper Rylo Rodriguez Right Now?


Is Rylo Rodriguez Arrested? Where is Rapper Rylo Rodriguez Right Now?: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines about an Alabama rapper whose name is Rylo Rodriguez that he has been arrested but it is yet to be confirmed. Since the news went viral on social media, all his fans are shocked and also searching to know the reason for his arrest. Rylo is a famous American singer who successfully established his career in rapping and has gained huge popularity and fame. He has sung numerous songs which have been highly liked by his fans. Recently, the rapper posted a suspicious story on his Instagram account regarding his arrest. In this article, you will get to know the whole matter.

Rylo Rodriguez Arrested

Is Rylo Rodriguez Arrested?

Talking about Rylo Rodriguez who was born on 30 September 1993 in Mobile, Alabama. His birth name is Ryan Quincy Adams. He is an American rapper who is associated with 4 Pockets Full record label of Lil Baby and Virgin music. He is mainly known for his collaborations with Lil Baby. He was raised by his grandfather who took care of him with his mother and his three siblings in Roger Williams Housing Projects. The rapper started his career with Lil Baby by featuring him in some of his hit singles including Stick On Me and Eat Or Starve.


Rylo released his collaboration mixtape titled “Rogerville” along with fellow rapper NoCap. In 2020,  he featured in Forget  That which is a song from Lil Baby’s album “My Turn”. He released his first album on 27 November 2020 with the title GIHF (Goat in Human Form) which has broken all the records. It was placed at the 48th position on the list of Rolling Stone Artists 500 and at the second place on Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25.

On 26 September 2021, Rylo took his Instagram account and posted a story in which he announced that he is going to surrender himself to the police which left shocked all his fans. His fans immediately rushed to Twitter and discuss the news. All his fans are now trending the hashtag #freerylo on social media. Although, the exact reason for his arrest is yet to be disclosed. We would like to tell you that he was arrested earlier in 2019 on the charges of firearm and drug possession. At that time, he was arrested in Florida. It is not cleared yet if his recent arrested is connected to the previous one or the matter is something else. We will let you know if any updates will come related to this matter.

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