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Lady Gaga Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Sets up GoFundMe After Being Gunned Down


The most prominent and established singer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker has created a GoFundMe page. Since the news has come out, everyone is wondering what happened to him and the reason why is he raising funds? We would like to tell you that Ryan has tagged the page on the website under the medical and illness & healing sections. As we all that Lady Gaga is a famous personality who has gained a huge reputation and fame in the Hollywood singing industry. Five months ago, she came into the limelight when three French bulldogs of her attacked in Los Angeles along with Ryan. In this article, we are going to inform you that why Ryan is raising funds.

Ryan Fischer

Lady Gaga Dog Walker Ryan Fischer

As per the sources, Ryan went out for the walk on 24 February with those three French Bulldogs whose names are Koji, Asia, and Gustav. At that time, two unknown people suddenly come out of their car and tried to kidnap the dogs. The two (Koji & Gustav) were kidnapped by the men and the third one, Asia was searched by the cops later. At that time, Lady Gaga was shooting in Europe for his film House of Gucci. She announced that whoever will find her dogs, will be rewarded by her. She declared that she will pay $500,000 as a reward.

A few days later, the dogs were found by an unknown woman who returned them to the singer. The shocking thing was that the same woman got arrested after some time with four people who were also indulged with her in the crime. However, it had not been revealed in what crime the woman got arrested.

What Happened to Ryan Fischer?

Recently, the singer’s dog walker created a GoFundMe page to collect $40,000. Since then, many people want to know the reason behind this page raising funds. It has been said that an unknown person shot Ryan with his semiautomatic handgun. Ryan had several damages in his lungs that are not healing. It has been a month since he is hospitalized after his accident. Ryan took his Instagram account to reveal the information about his condition and injuries. In one of his deleted posts, he stated, “It became quite clear that my lung was not healing, and the bullet wound had scarred my tissue like a burn. Working through trauma is way more than dealing with one unfortunate moment in life”


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On the funding page, he revealed that all his savings were finished after two months. Since then he is surviving on funds and donations sent by his friends and family. But now he needs a huge amount for his treatment. With his GoFoundMe page, he is aiming for $40,000. Many people are reacting on Twitter, one of the users tweeted, “He probably wanted to do this for himself! Gaga I’m sure has done enough and more.” Stay connected with us for further updates.

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