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Ruth Madoff Wife of Bernie Madoff living in a $3.8M House with daughter-in-law’s family


Bernie Madoff, the controversial financier who had been pleaded guilty for applying the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world has found death at the age of 82 which has been announced officially by the Bureau of prisons.

Ruth Madoff

The very unlikeable financier who was married to Ruth Madoff, was left out of the case and they also had two children together.

The news of Bernie Madoff’s death has caught the eyes of many influential people like Mayor Bill de Blasio who has given a statement over his death stating that celebrating his death is the stupidest thing that a person can do as death is not something funny to laugh at but he also stated that he has been a nuisance to many and has troubled many innocent families by being a fraud to them so let’s not be happy about someone’s death and try to move forward in your life without being pity to someone.

In a statement that was given by the lawyer of Bernie Madoff, he stated that up until his death he has been in a deep feeling of regret to what he did to many innocent people and had full realization of his mistakes and crimes that he committed.

The lawyer even tried to get him out of jail as he wanted to change himself for good as the lawyer stated but the bail was denied by the court. Bernie Madoff’s wife distanced herself from him but for some reason never got divorced from him. The sources have also stated that about 70 million of dollars were surrendered by Ruth at the time he was found guilty for the biggest scam of that time and was given a sentence of 150 years in jail. Ruth and Madoff even decided to commit suicide at that time because of the troublesome situation that her husband brought upon himself.

One of their son, Andrew Madoff died of cancer in 2014 at New York City hospital at the age of 48, in one of the interviews he even blamed his father for his troublesome death as his life became really stressful after what has happened.

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