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Russian Fighter Jets: Russia to unveil new fighter jet at Moscow’s Air Show!


For those who are eagerly waiting to watch Moscow’s air show, this show has a lot to see. The makers of Russian aircraft unveil that they will present an anticipated new fighter jet on this show which will be conducted next week. This new jetliner has hidden inside the tarpaulin was captured being towed to a spot of parking across an airfield which is in Zhukovsky outside of Moscow where the MAKS2021 International Space and Aviation Salon open on Tuesday. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is all ready to visit the Air show for the opening.

Russian Fighter Jets

Russian Fighter Jets

As per the reports of Russian Media, the new jet has been constructed by the maker of Sukhoi aircraft during a program of development of the light tactical fighter. Different from Russia’s latest Su-57, 2 engine stealth fighter, the new aerodyne is smaller and only has one engine in it. The aircraft Su-57 has been constructed to match the level of U.S. F-22 Raptor stealth fighter but is different from American aerodyne that has been working and giving service since 2005.

The serial production is just beginning and a new engine deliberate to give it the capability to sail at jetliner speed which is still under development. The name of this new warplane is still not revealed yet and no such information is available regarding this warplane including its capability and stationing prospects. The anticipated Russian fighter plane appears deliberated to fight with the U.S. F-35 Lightning II fighter, and this fighter plane started its service in the year 2015.

Russian government hoping to provide or offer the new aerodyne to overseas customers. The Russian makers made a statement that “fundamentally new military aircraft” will be introduced on Tuesday, 20th July 2021 at the Air show of Moscow. The statement further added, “Russia is one of some countries in the globe with full-cycle capability for developing advanced aerodyne systems, as well as an acknowledged trendsetter in the development or the creation of combat aerodyne.”

In order to increase the interest of the out lookers before the presentation, Rostec introduced a photograph of the new aircraft which is hidden under the tarpaulin along with the caption “Wanna see me naked?” A small video clip is also posted in order to create a sensation amongst the overseas customers and the aircraft’s ambiguous shadow on top of the water.

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