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Rush Golden Ale Beer: Rush Announces Beer Collaboration With Toronto’s Henderson Brewery


The band got to know about the Rush beer when they were on a tour naming R40, they were at a gig, and someone at the tour handed over a bottle of Robinson’s beer which is Iron Maiden Trooper. Geddy took a look and he started joking saying where the Rush beer can be found, and this incident stayed in the back of their minds and as the band has realized there is a growing movement for craft beer, especially when you talk about the hometown of the band which is Toronto, the band decided to look upon it seriously.

Rush Golden Ale Beer

Rush Golden Ale Beer

It seems like beer has always been one of the most important parts of the touring experience when we talk about the band, after the band has managed to perform 100 shows in different parts of the world, the band started to see how different beer could turn out to be. Gendy Lee commented on the recent visit of the band to Henderson Brewery, stating an ice-cold beer feels like an awesome reward after performing on stage.

It seems like the band has chosen Henderson which is the fastest-growing micro-Brewery in Canada and the brewery has won many gold medals and it is pretty true with all of the Rush ethos, the quality is something they don’t play around with, the quality is top-notch and supreme.

and it seems like the brewery is also obsessed with the band and they love the band’s history and their songs, they even kept the name of one of the Beer as “put yohur scarf on Geddy” which was a limited beer that got released in Canada in the Imperial stout in the year 2016. when we talk about the year 2020, Henderson and Rush started off testing prototypes of the brews and in early 2021, the brewery and the band both came up with a brewery which they both can vouch for and stand behind.

Rush Canadian Golden Ale is going to be golden in color which is going to be having a dense ivory head. It is going to have an earthly Aroma having hints of orange peel, spicy rye, and pine. Rush Candian Golden Ale is going to be launched all across Canada on 30th August, with the distributions which are going to be starting off in Ontario.

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