Today we are going talk about one of the hit reality shows on TV, the name is “Anupamaa” it is the telecast on Starplus in the evening here we will tell you the timing of this show and many interesting things connected to the show. As we know owing to Coronavirus pandemic all reality TV show’s shooting was stalled for 3 to 4 months. It is one of the hit shows on Starplus within a short time it is getting a good response from the audience and good TRP.

In this show, you will find Rupali Ganguly as a lead role of Anupamaa. This show is winning everyone’s heart these days, all are being hit for six through this show and audiences are giving their love by millions of likes and views. All the star cast and show makers are so delighted by the response of the audience. We wish all the people related to show all the best and keep it up. Sooner or later this show is going to be on the top, as per our reports and responses of the public.


Let’s know about the plot of the show, this show is moving around the titular character, that is being played by the Rupali Ganguli as a housewife, who dedicates her 25 years of life to the family and she doesn’t expect anything in return. Even she is neither appreciated nor she complains about anything. Rupali Ganguli is completely perfect for this role and audience enjoying her character a lot,  that is such a great thing for her.

This show will teach you lots of lessons, that how a housewife feels to be only at home, serving the family whole life, it is not easy at all. I want to tell you, it is one of the most toughest jobs in the world performed by housewives. If you watch this show you will get to know all the points, what I’m talking about even during lockdowns you must have got to know that, there is no off for housewives. They have feelings too they also want to fly in the sky like a free sparrow and kiss the firmament. A man only does the job for 7 to 8 hours with weakly off that’s it but housewives work for unlimited time with no off.

An interesting thing is that when Rupali was offered this show and as soon as she started to read scrip she became emotional and started to cry, now you can imagine even script can make her then what shew would do. So do watch this show, don’t miss it guys.

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