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Who was Rudy Pena? Twitter mourns Rudy Pena’s demise in tragic Astroworld Fest stampede


Who was Rudy Pena? Twitter mourns Rudy Pena’s demise in the tragic Astroworld Fest stampede: Around eight people including 2 teenagers were the victims of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival” which was held in Huston. Rudy Pena has been asserted as one of the 8 victims of this concert who lost their life. Pena whose age has not as of now determined had sadly perished when several people surge towards the concert platform and “compressed” themselves forward, as the Houston Police Department explains the tragedy. The demised of Pena was verified to LMT by his sister Jennifer Pena through social media platforms by his cousin Kimberly Escamilla. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rudy Pena

Who was Rudy Pena Astroworld?

He was a concertgoer who hailed from the United States. Travis Scott, the musician, and the rapper. was a great admirer of his. November event of Travis Scott, the Astroworld Festival, was playing havoc with as his admirers rushed to the front just as the artist was about to start. He became a sufferer of the dense mob march and passed away at a young age.

Rudy Pena was a great fan of Travis Scoot. On Thursday, 5th November 2021, he became a victim of the Astroworld concert, losing his life in the mayhem of admired gatherings. He went to the performance in NRG Park Huston. More than that, he was one of the 50K concertgoers who were equally thrilled to watch Travis.

Obituary: Rudy Pena Family Mourns His Demise

As per Pena, his family gets to know the death of his brother just after midnight. Though they did not find out he had been harmed until much later in the night, and they did not find out he had passed away until much later in the night. The event took place on the first day of the Astroworld Festival, hosted by singer and rapper Travis Scott.

A survivor of the lethal Travis Scott concert stated that “There was a floor of the corpse of men and women below two layers of fallen people above them.” The survivor managed to escape and attempted to get help but was ignored. Pena passed away at the hospital in Houston, where he was transferred after being rescued. As per the reports, he was unconscious as a result of the concert mayhem.

* As per his family, his body has yet to be returned to Laredo for his forthcoming rosary and funeral.

Rudy Pena GoFundMe Page

A fire broke out at Travis Scott’s Astroworkd music festival in Huston, Texas, on Friday night, assassinating 8 people and injuring many others. The video footage of the festival has gone popular on the internet

Rudy Pena


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