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Who is Rudy Pankow’s Girlfriend Elaine Siemek? ‘Outer Banks’ Star Defends Girlfriend On Instagram


A piece of news is coming into the headlines that Outer Banks series star Rudy Pankow’s girlfriend is getting hate messages from Rudy’s fans. As we all know that Rudy Pankow is a popular face who is mainly known for his appearance in many films and television series. He has gained huge popularity, especially from her female fans. Recently, the actor defends her girlfriend Elaine on social media as she is receiving hatred from his fans. Elaine Siemek is a film photographer who is currently working with Netflix. In the article, we have given all the important details related to this matter so keep reading it.

Rudy Pankow

Who is Rudy Pankow’s Girlfriend Elaine Siemek?

Elain is a young and rising star in her respective career field. Elaine has a much lower profile compared to her boyfriend, Rudy. Elaine is currently dating Rudy Pankow who is a well-known actor. She is best known as the girlfriend of Rudy. She is a film photogram by profession and currently working as an assistant on Netflix’s show. She also worked in the Outer Banks series that features her boyfriend Rudy. Elaine has 100,000 followers on her official Instagram account but her account is private yet but after seeing her followers, maybe she is pretty active on social media and posts content for her followers.


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On August 05, Rudy Pankow took his Instagram account to defend her girlfriend as she is getting a slew of hate messages from the actor’s followers. Recently, the Outer Banks fandom went against Rudy’s girlfriend, Elaine. Several fans are trending the hashtag “elamecancelled” and also posted the reason behind this hatred. The fans accused her of being a Republican supporter, and cultural appropriation. The fans are also claiming that Elaine has sent Rudy’s exclusive pictures and clips to her fans’ accounts without his knowledge. However, Elaine has refused all allegations put by the fans.

Elaine took her Instagram account and claimed in her Instagram stories that she did nothing like this. After that, Rudy also posted an adorable picture of him with Elaine with the caption in which he mentioned all allegations and accusations. He wrote, “I’m here to call out the disrespect and harassment someone who I love dearly is getting on a daily basis.” He appealed to his fans not to lie about Elaine. He asked them to spread positivity only instead of these lies and negativity. Rudy is quite private about his relationships and personal but this time, he came out as a savior for his girlfriend.

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