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Rudy Giuliani Masked Singer Revealed: Photos and Costume Explained


Rudy Giuliani Masked Singer Revealed: Photos and Costume Explained: “The Masked Singer” is a singing reality show which is making the rounds on the web and all the social media platforms. The name of the singer Rudy Giuliani is being remembered for his actions of encouraging violence which has been against the elected United States president. This was unveiled as a contestant while there was the most recent taping of this reality show. The unmasking apparently raised the outrage from members these are from the regular panel of judges, who weren’t his fans might be and they were still trying to rehab his image at the show. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rudy Giuliani Masked Singer Revealed

Rudy Giuliani Masked Singer Revealed

On the afternoon of Wednesday, a report circulated on the social media platforms about Guiliani that he was unmasked while the production of the show in the last week. And in this way, it is clearly seen that the judge’s Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke were encouraged to leave the stage in protest. The pair was back to join the judge’s Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger for continuing the taping and stage a brief conversation with Rudy Giuliani.

The product action later denies admitting leaks, maintaining the series policy aginst confirming spoilers.

The reality show “The Masked Singer’ is not facing controversies for the first time. As they were in the controversies since it had been on the tv screens. Lets’ know when it was in the headlines before this, so in 2020 the show was dragged in the headlines. This show is based on the concept of King of Mak Singer which was brought by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. It is the franchise of the Masked Singers which are from South Korea and this concept is highly appreciable in South Korea. While now also cherished by the audience of America too.


This is another political controversy relating to the show. The show has been crossed 6 seasons and the single episode is consist of 84 episodes. Whereas Giuliani who is 77 now had more controversies at his name in the past recent years. As per the sources last year his office was raided by the federal mechanisms. And this isn’t the only controversy about him there are more to be known.

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