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Royal Mail Click & Drop: Website Leaves People Unable To Click And Collect


There is click & drop, a service that is used by the people regularly when it comes to selling items which happen through eBay, Etsy, and Amazon who have suffered and outages when it comes to morning. they allow self-employed Brits and the people who are running their small businesses.

Royal Mail Click & Drop

Royal Mail Click & Drop

They can pay for their postage online before the parcel gets collected which has been reported by Royal Mail. This can be used by anyone but it is mostly from customers who are sending out items that they have sold online which is going to integrate with the platform such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

The technology is about allowing users to keep the track of orders, they give the choice to the customer when it comes to delivery services, it prints labels and it also receives shipping updates. The service has been down for 9:00 am, since the morning, there were many frustrated customers who told Royal Mail about the tech outage which they are facing.

Many of the people have been stating with many of the people stating they have hundreds of orders which are stuck in limbo and this has become the reason of frustration for many of the customers as they are angry with what is going on over the app and what kind of unprofessionalism this is by the company.

It has been stated by one of the small businesses which is about LED’S which are built-in cars has stated on Twitter, there are 200 plus orders which needs to be processed and there should be 4 hours with packing sitting idle, the problem has been excruciating for the customers as this is a loss for many.

This is about a reputation of a company, about the commitment of the company as the goods are not going to be delivered on time to the allocated parties because of the whole situation which is going to be hurting the goodwill of a company doesn’t matter how big or small the business is.

People have been complaining all over the internet and it is something which needs to be fixed by the service provider as soon as they can in these given circumstances.

Let us see how this issue is going to be solved in the coming days, we are going to be here for you with further updates if there is something important related to the story that comes under our radar.

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