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The meteorologist from Tampa Bay naming Roy Leep had died at the age of 88 years old and this has been confirmed by Fox 13 news on 1st June, Roy was a part of the weatherman in the year 1957 and his career has spanned about 40 years.

Roy Leep Death Reason

Roy Leep Death Reason

Fox 13 shared the news on social media as they posted the news on their official Twitter handle stating that they are pretty saddened to report that Roy Leep who has been a pioneer Chief Meteorologist and he has been that for decades and then they further stated that the man has died at the age of 88.

He passed away in the morning on Tuesday at Advent Health Tamp, Jane who has been the wife of the man for about 25 years has stated that her husband went through several and severe surgeries.

one of the most famous quotes of the guy is about the weather in which he has stated that his love and passion towards life and the world is there but not more than the weather and even after when he got retired, Roy’s passion remained for the weather as he managed to build a station for forecasting station in the university itself as he used to live in the Village retirement community that was in Tampa.

In the year 2015 Roy stated that they have two in-house channels that are fully devoted to the weather forecast, he stated that he is not pointing out to maps but he stated that they are still produced by him in his premises.

he became the Chief meteorologist in the year 1959 and he joined WTVT in the year 1957 and he is the one who was the reason behind the first television station radar which was installed in Florida and then he went on to add satellite connectivity in the year 1965 and then 10 years later he went on to start weather satellite imagery. His career went o for 40 years and he retired in the year 1997 and after his retirement, the station was renamed in his honor and now it is called Roy Leep Weather facility.

He has been a visionary in his profession and has achieved some life-changing events and it seems like we have lost someone pretty important who had done so much for mankind and we hope that his soul receives peace and the man is always going to be immortal as he has left such a big legacy behind him.

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