Home Football Atalanta Vs Manchester United (2-2) Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo Match Review: HIGHLIGHTS

Atalanta Vs Manchester United (2-2) Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo Match Review: HIGHLIGHTS


Atalanta Vs Manchester United (2-2) Champions League: Cristiano Ronaldo Match Review: HIGHLIGHTS: It seems like Ronaldo has done it again, well the night has been pretty magical in the match between Manchester United and Atalanta which has ended up in a draw which is the courtesy of the great man who is stated to be as the Goat “Cristiano Ronaldo”, it seems like the great man has done it again and he saved his team from a loss. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United Champions League

Champions League’s Greatest Player Of All Time

The truth is “goals win matches” and this is what this is man has expertise in, he just scores day in and day out, he is the greatest scorer of the Champions League having 139 goals in 118 matches, this is just something inhuman, he is the greatest for a reason, he just decides the moments to shine in, he thrives on pressure. “Cristiano Ronaldo”.



Manchester United Horrible Performance

The whole Manchester United Bench is more expensive than their starting team but still, we are ending up every week in these situations, the only reason Atalanta has lost in today’s match is because of this man otherwise Atalanta destroyed us with their pace, they played an amazing game of football and they very well deserved to win the game but Manchester United hs survived because of the ace in their team.

Roller Coaster Game

The game was on the edge all the time, Atlanta was attacking relentlessly, they were just crushing United with their attack, Maguire was terrible as a defender which is nothing new, he is becoming a liability as of this point in time and then it was just coming and they Atlanta opened up the scoring with a goal and the score was 1-0.

Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United Champions League

Then they kept on attacking without getting worked up at all, they were chilling with these aggressive attacks, and then out of nowhere United got the break and they started passing the ball, it eventually got to Ronaldo, he is passed it to the right and made a run ahead for the ball, he gets a through ball and he curls it into the top left corner of, he gave the keeper no chance.


The Mach Highlights Link

Now the scores are 1-1, Atlanta seems to doesn’t care and they have started attacking relentlessly again, they again started off crushing the defense of the United with ease and Ole really has to be the luckiest manager in the footballing world right now to have Ronaldo on his side.

But then United committed a foul and Artalata got a penalty out of it, they converted the penalty with ease, after which the score became 2-1, Now United are trying their best to attack the ball, they are trying to pressurize the Atlanta players but they are still crushing United with their pace but then out of nowhere United gets a break.

And then Ronaldo makes a run with the ball on his feet and dribbled it through the defense which got deflected to one of the United players and then it was a pass to the great man who was just eyeing the ball at the time and the small gap which is at the left corner, he just volleyed it out of the box and it was it went perfectly to the place where it was meant to go and the score was 2-2.

Ole Need To Be Sacked

I know it is harsh on the manager but he needs to leave as the manager of the club, his tactics are not suiting the team and the playstyle of the team, he is just betting on players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Cavani to serve him the win on a plate but these horrible performances United are going to go nowhere, they really need to wake and Ole need to definitely be changed as the manager, Conte should be the man who should come in as the manager for the United.

Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United Champions League

Cannot Rely On Ronaldo All The Time

Yes, he is the greatest goal scorer the footballing world has ever seen and what we are witnessing is the genius guy, people need to understand and most of the United fans already know that this cannot be the solution, he is someone who needs to be preserved for the big matches, we should be easily beating these kinds of teams without him even stepping into the field but this is not happening and Maguire is definitely not worth 80 Million Euros, he has been horrible today.

United is in huge trouble and they need to come up with tactics, they need to come up with a good play as a team.

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