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Rompakan Di Puchong: Security Guards On Duty Take Money From The Bank


Rompakan Di Puchong: Security Guards On Duty Take Money From The Bank: The cases of robbery are becoming serious issues these days. Even after making strict rules, the cases are not taking names to stop. As per the report, A security guard passed away after being shot while another was wounded in a reckless robbery near a bank which is in Puchong Prima and the incident has happened on Friday, 11th of March 2022. Subang Jaya police chief ACP Abd Khalid Othman stated that the incident occurred at 05:50 PM. As per him, at the time of the incident, there were 4 security guards assigned to take cash from a bank to be transported into a security company van with a driver waiting in the vehicle. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rompakan Di Puchong

Rompakan Di Puchong

He stated when they took the money at the bank, 2 security guards were inside the bank whereas one security guard was standing between the bank and the van and another security guard with the driver was in the automobile. As per him, at the time of the incident, the security guard who was standing between the bank and the van was handing a satchel full of money to his friend who was waiting in the van. At that time, a male dubious rushed towards them to snatch the satchel of money and an altercation broke out between the 3 of them.

Later on, Abd Khalid stated that the 38-year-old dubious was suspected of beating one of the security guards until he was wounded and shot another security guard prior to feeling with the sack containing the money. He stated that the frustrated and panicked driver of the security van instantly brought the wounded security guard in the spine into the van and drove the van towards Puchong Perdana, not far from the scene and the wounded sufferer was asserted dead in the van.

In the meantime, Abd Khalid stated the dubious who is believed to have committed the crime alone was apprehended in a public place around section 24, Shah Alam at 7 last night satchel of cash but the amount of money was taken away by the dubious is still under probe. He stated the pistol used by the dubious to shoot the security guard was discovered at another location and the police were still probing the automobile used by the dubious at the time of escape.

In the meantime, a witness who rejected to be recognized stated the incident occurred at around 05:00 PM on Friday. He stated, “I watched a security van which was parked in front of the bank…a ma approached the security guard and I heard gunshots being fired.”

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