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Roland Durand Bad Batch: Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 13 Easter Eggs Explained!


Star war is seemingly one of the most popular shows which are being watched by the fans who are all over the globe, the series seems to be entertaining the people who are the fan of the franchise of star wars and the animation twist has been something that has been a breath of fresh air, this is a disclaimer for the people who are not interested in spoilers as ahead in this article, there are going to be spoilers.

Roland Durand Bad Batch

Roland Durand Bad Batch

The story is going to be continued from their former home which is in Kamino that has been cut off from them in many ways and it seems like that in the new episode that is a bad batch in which they are going to be calling their home base as there is going to be a crime lord as the lord is going to be trying to infest.

Then they are going to be trying to put Cid back in order to provide him with power and are going to be diving deep within the surface when we talk about the planet of Ord Mantell.

The episode is going to be self-contained as it is going to be having a brand new villain and despite the lack of connections, the rest of the franchise is going to come with the Ryloth episodes that have come before it.

Roland Durand

It is a brand new character and also his mother is a new character in the animated series, the species that he is a part of appeared for the first time in A New Hope, the character has been voiced by Tom Taylorson who has also been the minor character in the resistance.

Ord Mantell

The site of Cid’s bar has had a long history in the Star Wars and when it comes to the adventures like Han solo which are considered to be Semi-legal. It has always been known as the hub of bounty hunters and other criminals.


The first appearance has gone to marked the Irlings which are nocturnal insects that live in Ord Mantell’s mines and caverns.

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