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Is Roger Matthews Arrested? Over Domestic Violence? Revealed


Is Roger Matthews Arrested? Over Domestic Violence? Revealed: A name of an entrepreneur is circulating on the web, he is being alleged by his ex-wife for domestic violence. He is Roger Mathew, and he is married to Jennifer Farley but they are separated now as they signed a divorce. Whether these allegations against him are true or not is the biggest question. As per the sources, these are fake allegations but we can’t confirm anything yet so just don’t the article below and you will go to read and gen the complete story in the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Roger Matthews Arrested

Is Roger Matthews Arrested?

He is a well-known businessman including a Union Truck driver and  Reality star. He was born in June 1975 in Cherryfield and later he shifted to New Jersey. He didn’t have any of the controversies or allegations before his ex-wife alleged domestic violence. After these allegations on him, he had become a subject of controversy. So here is what she accused him of, he abused her and his son too. And not only this he even tried to hurt her physically. He was behaved so rude and n anger with her and his son. She said this in an open letter on a website.

So let us tell you that her husband has been Denise all the allegations and he said that “she is lying about me. I never did this to her.” Later when police investigated they found some of the evidence in favor of his wife. But still, there is a question mark that whether he was doing this to her or not. So neither is information on whether he has been arrested or not.

Jersy Shore was posted an open letter on her website in which she wrote how her husband used to beat her and abuse her too. And she also mentioned that her husband even forced her to not continue the therapies of her son and this risked his life. And he teed to contact her ex-boyfriend so that he can extort money from them. And later she also said that she confessed her past to him and later he had been used her past in a wrong way tried to let her feel down. But he wasn’t ready to accept anything and wasn’t arrested at that time.

Thye tied knots to each other in October 2015. But Jowwed never ever thought that she will be going to face something like this in her married life.

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