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Who Is Rod Marsh’s wife, Ros Marsh? Age, Instagram, Children’s, Net Worth, and, more!


Who Is Rod Marsh’s wife, Ros Marsh? Age, Instagram, Children’s, Net Worth, and, more!: If you are aware of social media and watch the news closely then you see that Rod Marsh, a legendary Australian cricketer was trending on many social media sites and he was covered in many news channels. The news was legendary Australian cricketer named Rod Marsh has died. He lived 75 years on this planet earth. His wife’s name is Ros Marsh was in shock and can’t believe that this news was true. When she heard this news, she can’t control herself and got a heart attack. According to the reports, she was in the Queensland Hospital and her wife’s condition was critical. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rod Marsh

Rod’s full name was Rodney William Marsh. He is a former Australian Cricketer and also a captain of the Australian national team. He was born on November 4, 1947. He was a sensational wicketkeeper holding a world record of 355 wicket sacks in 96 tests. Many fans who follow him, are concerned about his family and his kids. His wife Ros Marsh couldn’t control this situation and suffered a serious heart attack. Now she was hospitalized taking full care of her. Doctors and nurses are measuring each and every situation of her. They are very serious about her health situation.

His wife played a good role in Marsh’s life. In every situation he faced, she always support him and there is no point came in Rod’s life where his wife didn’t help him. However, they fight for small reasons but this is normal. Every couple has does. Doctors didn’t say anything about whether Rod stayed in the hospital or not. He was 75 years old when he lost his life. He is traveling to Queensland to reunite with their father and husband. Marsh was apparently in Bundaberg for a charity event when he suffered a heart attack on his way to the hotel with Bulls Masters managers John Granville and David Hillier.

Talking about his wife and husband’s age difference. So, there is a difference of 3 to 5 years. That’s a lot of difference but it’s normal if we look at today’s date. His wife’s age is 69 years old and Rod’s age is 72 years old. He didn’t reveal much information related to the family in the public but the cricketer was known for his trash talk which sometimes its funny and sometimes was not. Talking about his net worth, he worth about $10 million which he earned from his profession. It took two decades to reach this level.

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