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Rockton Tornado: Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued August 25


There is a severe natural calamity which has come in the form of thunderstorms which resulted in a tornado, there were many questions that came after the sirens went off on Tuesday night, this happened because of a severe thunderstorm which came in the region. It has been stated by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office, they had no choice but to activate the sirens in the area because of the high winds in the country and severe thunderstorms which would have been really critical.

Rockton Tornado

Rockton Tornado

There were many citizens who were alerted through a public alert message which came on their phone regarding a tornado that came in Rockton. It is being stated at 6:55 pm by the National Weather Service, there have been no tornadoes in the area at the Stateline. We are going to continue to provide you guys with the latest updates on the situation and will keep updating you about the weather situation in order to provide the citizens with a head-start if things go haywire because of the critical weather conditions.

It seems like the weather has been brutal and on its toes for some time now, the weather conditions have been really irritating for the citizens in many of the areas, this has been happening for about a month or so and it seems like the bad weather is touching all of the places which are in its reach. The problem is the lack of precautions which are there to be taken for such events, the electricity poles, and wires which are getting damaged because of these thunderstorms and tornadoes are countless.

There have been many lives that have been lost in these times, mainly animals have come under the terror of these weather changes as many of them have gotten injured and many of them have lost their lives because of the disrupted weather changes. It seems like people are taking precautions in order to save themselves and to get some damage control ahead of the building weather which is being stated by the authorities to be very crucial.

It is being advised to the people to find a stong shelter which is on the ground level and also if the people have animals at their place, they need to provide them with a suitable shelter.

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