The Artist of the popular Aquaman animation series and DC Comics, Robson Rocha passed away due to the Covid-19 complications on Sunday’s noon, and the death news was officially confirmed through social media handles. After battling the prolonged fight with the deadly complication, Rocha took his last breath. He was admitted to the Eduardo de Menezes Hospital where he was under the supervision of doctors and staff but after few days of struggling, he couldn’t beat the diagnosis. Rocha’s death was confirmed by another fellow artist of the Hollywood industry, Fabi Marques who paid tribute to the artist through a tweet and wrote,” We are sorry to share this heartbreaking news with you that we have lost Robson Rocha”.

Robson Rocha

Robson Rocha Death Cause

Later, he added that he was one of the amazing, talented, and wonderful artists of the generation. Along with this, Yildiray Cunar was one of the artists who confirmed this news first on social media and he wrote that sorry to tell you that Robson Rocha left us today, RIP Artist Robson and he was young and early. My sorrow with his family and friends and he will be remembered by his loved ones.

Robson Rocha DC Comics

When the death news of the artist went viral all over the Internet, many popular artists and celebrities pay tribute to the star and within a few hours, the social media was filled with lots of pictures and stories of the artist and showing some moments of the DC’s artist. Since he was admitted to the hospital, many of his fans were trying to collect blood for him to fight against this Covid-19 situation.

He was first signed with the DC comics in 2016 and since then, he was part of one of the biggest comic industries. When the news went viral on the Internet, lots of people pay tribute to him for his hard work. He took a rase in the comic industry in a little time and later, become of the great and popular artist of the world. He was not just part of the DC comic, he also contributed to Sam Humphries and Green Lantern.

He was born in Belo Horizonte of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and got his popularity in 2010. Along with the above information, he also worked in more than 52 comics projects like Superboy, Lobo, Earth 2: World’s End, Birds of Prey, Batman vs Superman, and many more comics. While, Justice League, Supergirl, Demon Knights, World’s Finest, and Teen Titans are also some of the famous and popular DC series of the artist. Today, we lost the biggest artist in the world and he will be remembered by loved ones. God Bless His Soul.


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