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What Happened To Robert Knickerbocker? All About Diane Downs Boyfriend


What Happened To Robert Knickerbocker? All About Diane Downs Boyfriend: Sometimes it becomes very hard to believe in a story and news but the truth always seems to be bitter in taste and today we have come up with the same flavored news in which people found difficult to accept the truth as a mother tried to kill her own children for a man, and the name of that lady is Diane Downs and she tried to kill her children for her boyfriend Robert Knickerbocker, this story has been resurfaced on social media, so have a look at this blog and find out where is Diane Downs right now? and why did she try to kill her own children? Everything has given below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Robert Knickerbocker

What Happened To Robert Knickerbocker?

According to the reports she was in a relationship with a man whose name was Robert Knickerbocker but Robert was married to another woman and on the other side, Diane was in blind love with him and immensely obsessed with her love and it also came to hear that she also wanted to kill Robert’s wife in order to have him. Diane was married to Steve Downs and later she divorced him due to her extramarital affair with Robert. Read the further section to explore more on this story.

Diane separated her ways with her husband Steve to start her new journey with her boyfriend but Robert had a condition before accepting her as his wife that he did not want to live with her children from her previous marriage and Diane made a plan to kill her children as she was believing that her boyfriend would accept her as his wife if she killed her children. And Diane did what a person cannot think to do unless he is psycho as she shot down her children on 19th May 1983. But Robert did not stand on his vow and turned his face from Diane and he also testified against her along with her wife.

Robert Knickerbocker did found guilty in that case and no charges were levied on him for trying to kill children but he was a little bit interrogated by the police officers at that time. Now he has become a retired man whose age is maybe in the range of 60 to 65 years and Diane is serving her life sentence in jail for being found guilty in the murder case of her own children and she was arrested by the police on 28th February 1984. Stay tuned for more.

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