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Rishton Ka Manjha, 13th October 2021, Written Update, Diya’s parents worried


Rishton Ka Manjha 13th October 2021 Written Update: After watching your interest, we are back with the next written update of the daily soap “Rishton Ka Manjha” of 13th October 2021. Currently, the show is portraying high voltage drama and it seems like watchers are enjoying it. In the last episode, watchers watch that Diya’s parents are worried and crying by the thought that their daughter’s life is ruined and now no one will marry her. Diya is completely devastated after looking at her parents and feeling helpless, Arjuna who is watching the condition of Diya and her parents decided to get married to her and filled her forehead with vermillion. Teena created a lot of scenes after this, Let’s see what next we are going to watch. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha Written Update

The promo of the episode begins with Teena who is crying and shouting at Arjuna and says what do you think this girl will beat me. Teena can never lose and then she turns towards Diya and stars removing her vermillion but Diya holds her hand to stop. On the other side, Niharika calls someone and informs Arjun’s father that Arjun tied the wedding knot to Diya and his father gets shocked and could not able understand what to do.

Arjun’s mother asks him what happened and he informs her that Arjun tied the wedding knot to Diya and she also gets a big shock. In another promo, Arjuna says to Teena that our wedding is just a business deal and in fact we never had love and I was doing this wedding only the fulfill the promise of my mother. He further says I am not here to get married to Diya but circumstances became such that I had to marry Diya.

He says I live my dreams in the dreams of Diya, on their side, Niharika informs his parents about the wedding of Arjun, and his father gets devasted. Arjun’s father says to his mother that your son ruined our reputation as he married Diya. On the other side, Teena is behaving like mad after watching her defeat and says to Arjuna that you are only mine. Arjuna says sorry to her and takes Diya with him for her badminton match. 

Angry Teena calls Karan Mathur and informs him about the wedding of Arjuna and Diya and says Arjun married her only for the sake of match and after hearing this Karan gets shocked. It is going to be quite interesting to watch that how Arjun will take Diya for the match in the tight security of Karan. To know the answer to this question just stay tuned with us and watch this episode of “Rishton Ka Manjha” on the Zee TV channel at 07:00 PM.

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