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Rick And Morty Fortnite Season 7 Collaboration: All You Need To Know


It seems like Fortnite is going to be including the series of Adult swim ‘Rick and Morty’ in their game as there is e new teaser that has been launched by Fortnite on their official Twitter handle and the speculations are coming that there is going to be a collab of the show and the game.

Rick And Morty Fortnite Season 7 Collaboration

Rick And Morty Fortnite Season 7 Collaboration

The new teaser that Fortnite has launched is showing a blue beam having some of the items suspended to the gravity which is going to sound relatable to many of the fans of ‘Rick and Morty’ and there is also a butter robot that is shown in the teaser which is pretty same too what has been shown in the adult cartoon series as the entire purpose of the game in the teaser is to pass by the butter robot.

Rick And Morty Fortnite

And it is being stated by the fans that Fortnite is probably going to include the characters of the show and that is going to be pretty fun for the players as they show is extremely popular globally and Fortnite is the first to jump on such collabs and that is the reason that people are still playing the game as they come up with new and interesting stuff again and again to keep the gamers engaged in the game as you can also consider the game horizon zero down as it the game has also included star wars in their gameplay and that has shown that at this point in time in the gaming world,

Anything is possible and it seems like that this new collab is going to be pretty beneficial for the game as the show is definitely going to bring more of the players who are fans of the show which is going to boom Fortnite for sure, they have also come up with this as at this point the makers of the game are desperate to bring up new stuff as there are so many battle royale games and to keep the edge over the other games is only going to happen when the makers are going to come up with new stuff which is going to keep the players interesting.

There is also going to be a story trailer in which you are going to be seeing a glimpse of Rick and Morty and we can assume that the characters of the show are going to be included in the gameplay as that is how Fortnite has been working lately to keep up with the competition that just keeps on growing.

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