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Richmond McDonald’s Freakout Video: Man Seen Smashing Display Case Over Order Mix-Up


There has been a case of a man in Delta who got violent who has been throwing trash in the Mcdonalds and also breaking display cases just because his order got a little mixed up, this has come in highlight as the video has been posted by a TikToker naming Kate Rebel and in the video, it is seen that the guy is smashing and shoving the display cases and the glass dividers and then he was told at the time that he is not going to be served his food as he has smashed off one of the hand sanitiser stands which he did on purpose.

Richmond McDonald's Freakout Richmond McDonald’s Freakout Video

and it was stated by the Rebel who was seeing the exchange between them, he stated that the guy ordered chicken nuggets but staff by mistake typed it down to be four orders of happy meals, and then he just abruptly started swearing and freaking out and then he knocked over a stand of sanitizer and then waited on the side waiting for his order.

Then the staff told him that he is not going to be served his food for the violent behavior that the shown as he replies that he has been waiting for the food that he paid for and the staff told him that they are refunding his money and they are also calling the police, then he immediately got angry and became violent and then he went total berzerk.

He threw the trash cans, he then smashed glass dividers and was knocking and breaking the equipment and then RCMP officers entered the scene and he then fought with the officers when they were trying to arrest him, it has been stated that two police officers and two of the employees went through an alleged assault and even sustained some injuries that were minor at the time.

He is the custody and he is going to be facing possible fines and a court hearing for the mischief, the fines are calculated to be $5000 which has been stated by RCMP Richmond in a statement that he gave to the media, and he ended by saying that the staff has handled the situation with full maturity and they have been pretty smart about handling such a situation.

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