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Richest Football Club Owners: Top 10 Richest Football Club Owners Net Worth (2021)


Richest Football Club Owners: Top 10 Richest Football Club Owners Net Worth (2021): A piece of news is coming into the headlines related to Newcastle United. Yes, we are talking about the Saudi Arabian-backed acquisition process of Newcastle United that has been completed finally. The acquisition includes venture capital, Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF), RB Sports and Media, and private equity company PCP Capital Partners in the three-party consortium. There were many controversies over the involvement of the PIF in acquisition. Although, the union was clearly able to effectively display that Saudi Arabia will not have command over the club and that’s why they were able to pass the litmus test of the Premier League. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Richest Football Club Owners

Richest Football Club Owners

After successfully completing the takeover, Newcastle United has now become one of the richest football clubs in the world. Since the news of takeover completion comes out, everyone is wondering where the owners of Magpies rank among the richest football club owners in the world? So, here we have brought the list of t 10 richest football club owners along with their net worth. The list of the 10 richest football club owners is given below:

Top 10 Richest Football Club Owners Net Worth (2021)

Sr No. Richest Football Club Owners Name Team Net Worth
1 Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund Newcastle United $320 billion
2 Qatar Investment Authority Paris Saint-Germain $220 billion
3 Sheikh Mansour Manchester City $23.2 billion
4 Dietrich Mateschitz RB Salzburg/ RB Leipzig $15.7 billion
5 Andrea Agnelli Juventus $14 billion
6 Roman Abramovich Chelsea $10.5 billion
7 Philip Anschutz LA Galaxy $8.1 billion
8 Stan Kroenke Arsenal $6.8 billion
9 Zhang Jindong Inter Milan $6.2 billion
10 Guo Guangchang Wolverhampton Wanderers $5.2 billion
  1. Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (Newcastle United): it has an estimated net worth of $320 billion. It is currently owned by the investment fund of Saudi state after the tenure of Mike Ashley of 14 years. After Mike’s poor rule at the club, a new era has begun now for the Newcastle and Magpies which will be excited to regain the glory under Saudi ownership.
  2. Qatar Investment Authority (Paris Saint-Germain): It is headed by Naseer Al-Khelaifi and is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority which is a sovereign wealth fund of the country. The net worth of the club is $220 billion.
  3. Sheikh Mansour (Manchester City): It is owned by Sheikh Mansour who bought it in September 2008. He changed them immediately into a global powerhouse in European football. It has a $23.2 billion net worth.
  4. Dietrich Mateschitz (RB Salzburg/ RB Leipzig): An estimated net worth of the club is $15.7 billion. Dietrich Mateschitz is an Australian entrepreneur whose journey is a really inspiring one of becoming a billionaire.
  5. Andrea Agnelli (Juventus): He has earned a $14 billion net worth.  He is known as the son of Uberto who is the former Juventus chairman. His family has a long history at the club.
  6. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea): He bought the Chelsea club in 2003 and then changed them into the leading clubs in the Premier League and Europe. He is a Russian. His net worth is $10.5 billion.
  7.  Philip Anschutz (LA Galaxy): He has an estimated net worth of $8.1 billion. Before stepped into sports, he was involved in his family business of oil drilling. He is 81 years old and was one of the co-founders of the MLS. He handled a huge range of clubs.
  8. Stan Kroenke (Arsenal): His estimated wealth is $6.8 billion. It is owned by Stan Kroenke including the Denver Nuggets, LA Galaxy Rams, and Colorado Rapids. Arsenal is one of the several global sports teams.
  9. Zhang Jindong (Inter Milan): He has an estimated net worth of $6.2 billion.
  10. Guo Guangchang (Wolverhampton Wanderers): He is the chairman of the Fosun Group. His approximately net worth is $5.2 billion.
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