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Who is Richard Hinkley NZ? Murder, suicide, or a new identity – mysterious disappearance


Who is Richard Hinkley NZ? Murder, suicide, or a new identity – mysterious disappearance: We are here with another murder story but this is so disheartening that crimes are, and taking someone’s life is becoming so easy for people these days.  And this is a tie that now authorities must have to become active and they should take some serious action. So this time we are going to talk about Richard Hinkley who was missing since 2915 is attempting a crime. The police are searching for him but he is still disappearing. So now the police again open his case and appeal for getting information fro his disappearance. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Richard Hinkley NZ

Who is Richard Hinkley NZ?

So as per the sources police found some of his clues. So if we talk about the room where he was resident at was a two-bedroom flat which is of Christchurch’s City Centre. He was missing from the scene for weeks and also left sandals at the cemetery of the living room along with pair of Jandals which is behind the sliding door. So if we talk about his kitchen then it was so clean but there are the cans of Sapporo. He was having a Japanese can. And other than this ley we also tell you that he was o fond of Japanese culture. As it can be said due to the wallpapers he has been using in-house and these wallpapers have consisted of Japanese writing.

There are more things in his flat that seem to belong to Japan. A detective named Sean Greenall was given a statement in which he said that “his flat was all clean and tidy and this was like someone just woke up and suddenly disappeared.”

And one thing which hit the mind of Greenall and that was the bedroom of Hinkley as it was a bit messed up as compared to the rest of the rooms of a flat. Hinkley was last talked to his uncle and he even met him in the morning of Christmas. When he wasn’t seen at his flat then his neighbors were informed the police a bit is a disappearance. Hinkley is the only child of his parents and when his parents were separated he was just 17 years old. And his father was suffering from a deadly disease. And his, mother was also working. And after this Richard was used to love spending time with his friends.

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