The gymnastic World Championship has been stated in Geneva in 2021. The Russian Gymnast Federation team has been made their spot by winning a gold medal and set a strong kick start. Timofei Ivankiv and Maksim Karavaev both grab the top position by qualifying in the two routines at the opening. Neutral is the Russian pair that scored around 29.790 points. Whilst Noam Raj Patel and Robin Casse’s total is 28.840 and they were in the eighth position but Successfully made to come on the third even received the silver.

RGF Acrobatic Gymnastics

RGF Acrobatic Gymnastics

The British pair Sammi Nassaman and Samuel Large were at the second position but comes down at the 4th with 28.670, whereas Belarus 2 gained that position by scoring higher than the pair 28.680 and registered Bronze. Russia proved then lets in the championship by winning consecutive titles and the audience goes mad at them. They are now receiving a positive response from the audience.

At the event of the International Gymnastics Federation in the second finals which took place at the night, the pairs Vikatoria Askenova and Kirill Startsev were amazing in the championship and received the top position by winning and compiled 30.030 points. The mixed pair were fantastic.

Gymnastic World Championship:-

It has different categories to be performed in and here is the list of the competition which has been taking place in it. Including Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, Trampoline, and Tumbling Gymnastics World Championships, Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships, and Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships. The first competition was held in 1903.

Russian Gymnast Federation:-

The president of Irina Viner whereas if we talk about the administration of the RGF then it consists of First vice president Andrey Guryev and the vice president Mikhail Kusnirovich. It also has executive director Irina Tsaryova and the executive secretary is Tatiana Gorbunova. This federation was found in 1963 and the conference of the federation took place on 12 September 1991. In 2021 this federation has been set their name at the top of the list in Gymnastic World Championship. Both the girls’ and men’s teams of RDF are doing a great job in GFC 2021. Stay glued to us to grab the update on the same.


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