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Revenge Travel By Indians Drive Airlines’ International Passenger Traffic


The coming to news headlines and many social media platforms, as the travel enthusiasts and tourists are locked in the time of pandemic and tourism is banned now airlines are recovering from the losses they incurred during the pandemic as now there appear the reports of a survey on the air traffic and tourism and air traffic of airlines, as the air traffic is depleted during the time of pandemic and people are facing a locked situation. this pandemic has caused huge losses to the tour and travel market, this not only affects the tourism market but also the travel business as governments of all countries had banned the air travel and only essential flights are making the moments, this lockdown and ban on airlines have caused the huge losses to the airlines’ industries as the travel has been banned and flights are paying rents for the airport and no income is received, also the staff which the airlines had to pay salary for doing nothing and to maintain to flights. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Locked in the time of pandemic conditions have improved since then as covid 19 is vaccinated this year march airline has been opened with a vaccine and coved report, and travel enthusiasts and tourists are making their moves as this is the summer and people are visiting there favorite holiday spots around the world by air this help the airlines to boost their self against the losses during the pandemic period, as flights for tourists and visa are not given by the authorities to travel,

Ever since the government of many countries which have completed basic and their populations has opened up the skies completely in March-end for the people to travel by air and tour and travel industries are again taking the boost after a long period struggling with losses, many Indians have been flying out of the country for vacations and many are coming to India to visit its various locations as India is a major tour and travel spot comprising, hills, beaches, monuments and the heritage of an enriched culture and many adventure spots. While these moments of travelers are helping airlines recover faster from the pandemic’s jolt which makes them stop and bear expenses without any income as this boost is due to summers now the trend may slow down as the schools reopen in a few days and summer vacations are about to over. this revenge on travel lockdown by Indians on drive airlines internationally passenger traffic is boosted.

As the pandemic lockdown ended in March this year, a Mumbai-based Tanveer Sure was excited to visit a holiday spot, Tanveer is a 35-year-old businessman who started looking forward to enjoying his annual international vacation after a pandemic lockdown of two years. now facing another buzz as his credit card reward points worth lakhs of rupees were about to nullify, He had to make a move to avail the points so Sure requested his parents to take care of his baby girl child as she is only four years for as quick travel of three nights so that he could enjoy his credit points. Nearly 4.1 million Indians had traveled abroad in the month of May this year and up to 3.5 million people are traveling in the month ago which is a good amount for the losses that airlines faced in lockdown.

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