Rep. Claudine Bautista Files Cyber Libel Complaint Against Enchong Dee: Being public figures, famous faces should be very careful while making any comment as it instantly draws the attention of the netizens. Many prominent figures faced many criticisms due to their immoral comments. One such recent comment of actor Enchong Dee put him in a trouble. As per the reports, Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights (DUMPER), Party-list Rep. Claudine charged Bautista has charged over his comments on her “lavish” marriage. Bautista tied the wedding knot with Jose French Lim in the month of February of this year and this wedding event has happened at Balesin Island. Follow More Update On

Claudine Bautista

Claudine Bautista Files Cyber Libel Complaint

As per the report, The athlete-actor was one of the prominent figures and netizens who criticized the representative of a party-list focused on criticizing public utility drivers (PUV), for her Michael Cinco bridal gown and reportedly spendthrift wedding amid the pandemic. In a given report, it was disclosed that Bautista lodge a cyber libel complaint against Dee at the Office of the Provincial defense lawyer in Davao Occidental last August.

She reported that the statement of Dee on Twitter was “malicious” and “defamatory”. In her complaint, she stated that Enchong “went as far as stating that I used public money box to fund my marriage by categorically stating that “The money for drivers and commuters went to her marriage, to the detriment and wound to my honor and name…”

She further added that “The posts were meant nothing more than their spiteful intentions of maligning my person, depicting me as a corrupt public official.” The report further added that Bautista is seeking P500,000,000 in moral damages and another P500,000,000 in exemplary damages, amounting to a total of P1 billion damages, against the actor.

Enchong Dee Apologized For His Comments

After this controversy, actor Enchong Dee has apologized for his recent comments on the lavish marriage. On Twitter, Enchong wrote, “I have been reckless in the tweet I posted and I take the entire responsibility for my lapse in judgment. Previously, Enchong stated, “The money for drivers and commuters went to her wedding. Let’s not prolong this conversation and do not say otherwise.

He further added that “Commuters and drivers Rep who voted NO to ABS-CBN franchise tied the wedding knot in a Michael Cinco gown in a lavish peony-filled ceremony in Baleshin in the middle of the wedding. How pretentious. May vaccination drive by a sya for commuters and driver.”

In his apology, Enchong also stated that: “With deep regret, I would like to apologize to Congresswoman Claudine Bautista, her husband, their families, and the Dumper Partylist. I reacted based on impulse sans thinking of the results nor the harm it may reason. I learned that as dutiful citizens, we must always fact-check our statements to avoid sensationalism and the laid of false news. I will take this chance to reflect on the wrong I have done and use this chance to better myself in being more perceptive of my actions.”

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