Home News Reddit: What Happened In Between Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan? Explained

Reddit: What Happened In Between Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan? Explained


Reddit: What Happened In Between Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan? Explained: Seems like Raeesah Khan is in big trouble. As per the latest report, Ex-Worker’s Party (WP) Member of Parliament (MP) Raeesah Khan should be fined $35,000 for lying to the House several times and abusing her parliamentary privilege, the committee probing her recommended in its final report to Parliament on Thursday, 10th February 2022. The report stated that As for Worker’s Party chief Pritam Singh and the vice-chairman of the party, Faisal Manap, they should be referred to the public prosecutor to “consider if criminal proceeding ought to be originated,” due to the conduct of Mr Singh at the time of the probe of the committee and Mr Faisal’s rejection to answer relevant questions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan Reddit

What Happened In Between Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan?

The Committee of Privileges, led by Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, was watching into the conduct of Ms Raeesah after she accepted on 1st November that she had lied in Parliament. This was over the assert that she had accompanied a se**al assault sufferer to a police station where the sufferer was treated insensitively. The committee did not advocate any action against Sylvia Lim the Chairman of WP, stating that Ms Lim was prepared to voluntarily tender proof that was “damaging” to Mr Singh.

Her handwritten notes of the WP’s disciplinary proceedings, which she submitted to the committee at the time of her testimony on 13th of December, aided set “the position quite clearly”, as stated by the committee in the report. The committee concluded that Ms Khan had acted under the guidance of the 3 senior WP leaders to keep to the misconception and that Ms Khan was “not only responsible” for repeating the lie in Parliament on 4th October last year.

Pritam Singh and Raeesah Khan Reddit

The report stated that the committee will consider embargoes for Mr Faisal’s, Ms Lim’s and Mr Singh’s role in the lie of Ms Khan, as well as lies informed by Mr Faisal and Ms Lim to the committee while under commitment or affirmation at the time of the investigation of the committee, but this would be after the determination of any criminal proceedings against Mr Singh by the public prosecutor.

It further added that it is beyond the scope of the committee to advise any penalty on the 3 WP leaders, but in addition to that Parliament has the power to consider their role and impose sanctions in the context of the findings of the committee. Under the Parliament (Immunities, Powers, and Privileges) Act, if any MP has committed any kind of offence of disgraceful conduct, abuse of contempt, or privilege, Parliament may levy penalities and refer them to any preferred committee for a new investigation.

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