Is Reddit Search Not Working? How to fix Reddit Search not Working explained: Reddit is seemingly facing some issues, even after the high usage of the platform by the users and its popularity, there have been many cases where the users were enabled to use the Reddit search for the threads of all of the topics, there have been several variations to the issue. In some of the cases, there are partial results are being shown and for some, there is no result that is popping up, we are going to be going through all the reasons and we are trying to understand the issue as of this point in time and we will be helping you out to solve the problem which is being faced so many users on Reddit. Follow More Update On

Reddit Search Not Working

Is Reddit Search Not Working?

As we investigated and as we dig a little, we have to a conclusion that there are several reasons for this to occur, some of the reasons why Reddit search might not be working are as follows-

  • Issue At Reddit’s End – There have been several instances where the issue came from the backend of Reddit, this has been officially acknowledged by the engineers at Reddit and a fix for the same was launched shortly.
  • Search Filter Is Enabled – Reddit has a default filter that blocks all of the content which is mature from the results, you are not going to be getting any indication about the filter being turned on so you might think to yourself that nothing is wrong whereas your searches are being filtered.
  • ADblockers – The ad blockers are known to conflict with many of the web applications and modules, there has been no expectation for Reddit search, we have concluded this by checking several reports by the users who have diagnosed the problem was indeed the ad-blocker.

How to fix Reddit Search not Working explained

Solution 1- Checking For Back End Issues

Before starting up with the troubleshooting process, you should first make sure if the issue doesn’t lie with the back end of Reddit, there have been several cases where Reddit’s search module was down and some services when it comes to Reddit were not working as they usually work.

Solution 2 – Disabling As Blockers

It seems like Ad-blockers tend to make your experience on a web server worthwhile as the ads always cover content, it seems like they have an inbuilt mechanism that is going to intercept all of the traffic, and then it passes on the filtered version by removing ads, an extension like these might improve the experience but there have been instances where this has caused a problem when it comes to Reddit searches.


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