Is Reddit App Icon Pixelated? Why does It Suddenly Looks Different? Revealed: Customizable application icons are a good way to liven up the home screen of the cell phone. Recently, though the Reddi app icon decided to change into pixelated all by itself. After the latest update to the official Reddit app, several users have noticed that the app icon is now pixelated which causes them to wonder what in the globe is going on. While countless 3rd-party Reddit apps are available for iOS and Android, the official Reddit application is bar far the most famous. It is free to download, easy to navigate, and offers fast access to all of your beloved subreddits no matter where you are. Follow More Update On

Reddit App Icon Pixelated

Is Reddit App Icon Pixelated?

One of the great things about the Reddit app is its deep customization. Phone users can customize their Reddit avatar, change the home page view, disable/enable autoplay videos, edit the size of the thumbnail, etc. The Reddit app permits you to change its application icon. First of all, open the app and then tap on the profile icon in the top right corner then tap “Settings” and then tap “Change app icon”.

Reddit App Icon Pixelated Explained

Some of the options include Neon, Classic, Doge, and Alien Blue (just to name a few). If you are exhausted of the boring orange Reddit logo on a white background, changing the app icon is a great option to freshen up your home screen. Though within the last couple of days, you may have watched that the Reddit app manually changed icons on its own. More particularly, the Reddit app icon recently changed pixelated. It is the same orange logo along with a white background, but now it seems like someone made it in Microsoft Paint.

The users of Reddit u/Spectre_Of_the_Night uploaded a photo of the pixelated icon on r/MildlyInfuriating and stated, “Anybody else discovered their app icon to be pixelated, or is it just me? Over in the r?Pixel4 subreddit, user u/cp2434 wrote, “I updated the Reddit app and right after it updated the Reddit app icon on my phone home screen which is appeared blurry. That is the only icon that is like that. Anytime know how to fix it?

The Reddit App Icon Is Pixelated For April Fools Day

There is actually a very great reason behind the pixelated Reddit app icon. In brief, it is the way Reddit promotes the r/Place subreddit that it is brought back for April Fools this year. r/Place marked its debut on 1st April 2017 as a digital art project. The users of Reddit could visit the subreddit, fill in a pixelated square on a big virtual canvas, and work together to make whatever they wanted. Users could solely fill in 1 square every 5 minutes.


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