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Red Queen Challenge Bitlife – How To Become Queen, Own Haunted Royal Estate


The next of Bitlife is here and it is directed to royalty, if you want to complete this challenge then the faster way to complete the challenge is to get your character born into royalty which can be done by rerolling them again and again until they are born into the royalty and the character needs to be female a the name of the challenge is Red Queen Challenge.

Red Queen Challenge Bitlife

Red Queen Challenge Bitlife

We are here to provide you with the list of all of the Red Queen Challenge-

  • Firstly becoming a queen
  • Then you need to stay married for about 25 years
  • Then you need to own a haunted royal estate
  • Then you need to make more than 10 friends
  • Then you need to use 10 different methods of execution by killing your friends.

If we talk about the first task, it is relatively pretty straightforward, you just need your character to be a queen which can be done by getting yourself born in royalty and become a princess and there is no harm in double-checking of your character is female or not after which you are going to receive the title of queen.

The next task is about staying married at least for 25 years, this can simply be done by finding a husband who is trustworthy, you can find a husband by providing lavishing gifts or you can either get rid of him after the completion of 25 years, this is going to be completely up to you.

Then there is going to come to a point when you will have to acquire a real estate that is haunted, it can be random but there is a good chance of having one if you are going to show up with family members who are dead and anyone who is in the cemetery of the character has a chance to show up which means choosing the character who has a long list of dead family members is going to help out in having haunted real estate.

Then in the middle of all of this, you will need to keep making friends and get your list of friends to be more than 10 and this can be done by meeting the players and staying in touch with them.

The final task is going to be of killing the friends which you have made during the course of completing the challenges and killing with different execution methods and the best way to do this is staying in good books of the people.

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