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Rebecca Schaeffer’s Cause of Death: American actress Rebecca Schaeffer Murder Detailed in Autopsy!


People are talking about the sad demise of Rebecca Schaeffer at the hands of a fan naming Robert John Bardo which happened a long time ago. She got her big break when she got a role in CBS TV in the show naming My Sister Sam and after which she went on to land numerous roles in which she was delightful, it includes the likes of The end of Innocence, Voyage of terror, Scenes from the class struggle in Beverly Hills.

Rebecca Schaeffer Cause of Death

Rebecca Schaeffer’s Cause of Death

Her career abruptly ended up in the year 1989 dating to 18th July, this happened as she answered a doorbell for a person, she thought the person is delivering the script of Godfather III at her West Hollywood home, she was 21 at the time. and it seems like her life and death are being examined on one of the encore episodes of ABC 20/20 which has been aired on 20th August 2021.

The guy who was responsible for her death naming Bardo used to write letters to her for about 2 years but the content never arouses suspicion as they were just typical fan letters which have been stated by Det. Dan Andrews stated the letters contained a description of himself, some questions about acting, and some questions about her. He also contacted her agent at the time and he stated he asked similar questions to him too, there was nothing suspicious about the conversation.

Even the actress thought the letters are pretty sweet but before the murder of the actor, the letter which Bardo wrote, the letter had more of an ominous tone to it which was reported by the Times. Marcia Clark who was the Attorney at the County District at the time stated a line from the letter which made the doubts of many pretty clear, she stated the lines, “I have an obsession with the unattainable and he has this need to eliminate which he cant attain”, it was stated in the letter which is just absurd and crazy.

Bardo was unable to buy a gun so he asked his brother to buy it from him as he had a history of mental illness, his brother brought him the gun with the condition, they are only going to use it together for target practice and it has been stated Bardo even gave $300 to an investigation to find out about her location.

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