Rapper Kay Flock Murder CCTV Footage Surveillance Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Kay Flock is the most popular American rapper woes is has been arrested now and this news is making his fans so stunned and shocked. Now they are taking to the web to know the reason behind his arrest. He was best known as the growing as a rising star.  And now his career is get affected after his arrest. While many of her fans are getting so eager to know the reason behind his arrest. He has been a hip-hop rapper and comes in the limelight after he has sung Capitol Records. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rapper Kay Flock Murder Surveillance Video

Rapper Kay Flock Murder CCTV Footage Video

He was still working on his new albums with his co-singers or rappers. And all set to release his new albums but there is news about his arrest. And he has been so dedicated to his career but all of this is now stuck in between as he is now arrested. So there is a video of him on the show you guys can see that he has been taken someone’s life. Yes, you have read it right that he has been attempted murder. Recently he has been killed by a man whose name is Oscar Hernadez, and this incident took place outside a barbershop. So now you must be wondering why he has been killed.

Rapper Kay Flock Murder Surveillance Video

So he killed Oscar as they were getting involved in a heated argument with each other outside the barbershop. So Oscar was waiting for his haircut outside the shop and somehow both of them were getting involved in the heated argument. Later it cleared that they knew each other very well and they had some personal grudges with each other. He killed Oscar on December 16, 2021. So if you guys are getting impatient to know more about it then there is a video on tey Twitter that has been shared by NYPD.

So in a video, we can see that, while Oscar was waiting for his haircut meanwhile Kay came there and he argued with him and then he used to shoot at him. After which Oscar died on the spot. So he is under custody now and the officials are now getting into teg deep investigation. While his charges are yet to be confirmed and not even his sentence is released yet. ell there isn’t much information about his arrest and you have to wait to know more about him.


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