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Rapper Jada Kiss ‘arrested on murder charge’ rumors explored!


Artist Jadakiss is trending for all of the wrong reasons at this point in time, there has been a rumor which is going on the internet right now, it is being speculated that the artist has been arrested on the charges of murder which is spreading like wildfire. it seems like he has bodied somebody but this isn’t happening in the way the people are thinking about it and we are here to provide you with the truth of the situation.

Jada Kiss

Jada Kiss Was Arrested On Murder Charge?

The rumor started off as Jadakiss was charged with a murder which is being speculated after an article that was titled in a way that has made people think, the artist has murdered someone. it was just a satire which was written in the article directing to his dominant and amazing performance as it was stated, the artist has murdered the track which simply means Jadakiss murdered Dipset but not physically, he has murdered some of the egos with his amazing performance which he did on stage and it is the reason behind people calling him the MVP.

The biggest moment was when he dropped the mic on stage and this is the reason which has been making people say, Jadakiss has murdered Dipset lyrically. It seems like the video is trending worldwide and is being shared wildly by the people on the internet as the artist is dropping the mic in the concert and it seems like there is no stopping the video for now.


The artist hasn’t done anything illegal, he hasn’t hurt anyone physically, he has just been brutal with his lyrics and has completely destroyed the ego of Dipset as he killed him by his performance on stage and it is sad, the people are starting on the internet that the artist has been arrested.

it is just getting more and more embarrassing for Dipset at this point, this is just a pure brutal win for Jadakiss and it seems Dipset is going to take this as a big loss as people are literally believing stating he has been murdered by Jadakiss. this is funny until people know, the killing is being referred to not as a literal death but it is just someone has performed so well, the other guy is looking like an idiot.

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