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Who is Rani Soyamoi, All About Malappuram District Collector – Age, Husband, and, more!


Who is Rani Soyamoi, All About Malappuram District Collector – Age, Husband, and, more!: There was a social media post that shares a small portion of an alleged conversation between school students and Kerala’s Malappuram district collector Rani Soyamoi. That little part of the conversation is going viral on several social media platforms. The collector shares the struggles that she’s gone through in her childhood working in a mica mine. Moreover, she also explains the reason why she does not wear makeup during an interview. In this article, let’s find out what’s the truth of her viral conversation and the story of the collector. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Malappuram District Collector

Who is Rani Soyamoi?

The real-life story of Malappuram district collector Rani Soyamoi.

Fun Fact: The alleged story attributed to the Malappuram district collector is fictional. It is taken from a Malayali writer Hakeem Morayur’s short story collection. Three Women. Even the name attributed to the collector in the viral post is also taken from the book. Hakeem Morayur himself clarified the same via a Facebook post. On the other side, the image shared in the post is of Sainamol IAS, who in the past worked as a Malappuram collector. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

The story narrated in the name of Malappuram district collector Rani Soyamoi is fictional. The whole story came from a Malayali short story collection written by Hakeem Morayur. Hakeem Morayur acknowledged the popular narrative is from his fictional short story collection Three Women in a Facebook post. His short narrative Shining Faces is being considered a true story under the name Rani Soyamoi, which also happens to be the name of the main character in his book. To back up his allegation, he supplied a photograph of the story from his book.

Rani Soyamoi: Malappuram District Collector

On the other side, the images shared in the viral post are of Shainamol IAS, who in the past worked as the Malappuram collector. From all these, it is evident that a fictional story is being shared in the name of the Malappuram district collector. To sum it up, a fictional story is passed off as real-life incidents of the Malappuram collector. This whole conversation is trending on social media and that’s why she is in the limelight in the news. People are talking about her on social media, relatives, neighborhoods also. When people know the exact news they know the reason why she is on trending on many sites. Sometimes people take social media beyond the limits and didn’t try to find out what’s the point of trending or why he/she is trending.

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