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Rangers Racist Video: Rangers Fans Filmed Singing Racist Songs On Supporters Bus Explained!


There is a video of Ranger’s fans that has gone completely viral on the internet as they are being seen chanting racist chants and were making racist gestures. The footage was taken on board and the bus contained all of the fans for the Ross County clash in Dingwall and this has been viewed over the internet over 130,000 times on Twitter. the fans can be heard saying in the video “Furuhashi ate my dog, ate my dog” as they were repeating the chat over and over again.

Rangers Racist Video

Rangers Racist Video Explained

Kyogo Furuhashi is a Japenese Football player who is playing for Celtic, the footage got posted on Snapchat and the fans have been utterly outraged after seeing the video as it is just disgusting to do such a thing, I mean how low life you have to be to chant something like this. and also there was a clip that captioned, “let’s do a Kyogo” and then one of the Ranger fans was seen pulling his eyes to the side to imitate him which is just unacceptable by every means.

and then another man hops onto the video stating “let us all do kyogo” and then they started doing “nanananaa”, I mean what is even going on at this point, they are just ridiculing the whole race and making fun of how they look, how they talk and what they eat, is there anything which has been left out by these fans of Rangers.

They are also spoiling the name of the Rangers fans who are pretty supportive to their team and are respectful to other teams too but these fans are going to be remembered as Rangers fans and this is definitely put all of the fans in a bad light and also the community has been out in a bad light by these bunch of fans who are pretty useless as this is what humor is to them.

It seems like the fans were intoxicated with alcohol but this is not going to justify what they have said, they have said it because they mean it, and they were pretty well enjoying it so there is no doubt in people’s mind, they have been a complete nuisance to everyone and society and Rangers don’t require such fans and we hope that they get banned to enter the football field ever again.

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