Coronavirus pandemic has been prevailing all over the world for four months now. The cases have been increasing day by day so as the death toll. Amidst this, a lot of scientists and groups of doctors have been working on the vaccine to cure coronavirus infection. Many scientist have also succeeded but human trials for those vaccines are under process.

A lot of other medicines are tried by the doctors meanwhile to reduced the cases and cure the patients who have got the infection. Human immunity also plays a great part in the recovery from the virus.

The minimum amount of time taken by the patients to get their reports negative is 7-14 days. The patients have to undergo tests until their reports are negative for the virus.

corona kit

India has developed certain methods in order to cure the infection. Initially, the doctors were using hydroxychloroquine to treat the patients suffering from the infection by the virus. It worked on a lot of patients as well but for some of the patients, it didn’t. The demand for the medicine was really high and India started to manufacture the medicine in bulks.

Recently the government came out with another medicine for the virus. Tested by the government Glenmark Pharmaceutical launched the drug Favipiravir. The brand name is Fabiflu. This medicine can cure patients with mild to moderate symptoms. Each tablet is priced at Rs.103.

Now another recovery method has been launched in India. The medical kit for treating Coronavirus is launched by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali. They have launched the Coronil and Swasari kit which claims to treat the virus-infected patients as soon as possible. The trials on humans have been conducted and they showed 100 percent favourable results.

This is the first Ayurvedic medicine that has been launched in India in order to fight against the coronavirus. The company also claims to cure the patients within 3-7 days. The first clinical trial took place in Delhi, Ahemdabd, and many other cities. It included around 280 patients. The medicinal kit was able to cure 100 percent of them and was capable of controlling the symptoms as well.

The kit is available at a price of Rs.545 and it is packed for 30days. This kit is not available at any of the stores as of now. But within a week it will be available on all the Patanjali stores. An application is also launched for the delivery of the kits at the doorstep.

Baba Ramdev and Aacharya Balkrishna both were seen at the launch of the kits and they gave the information about the kit. It is a proud moment for India to be the first one to launch something so effective against such a deadly disease.

The whole world has been fighting against the virus for quite some time now and everyone is hoping to get a solid cure so that their lives can get back to normal again. Coronavirus has created terror among the people. Many people also lost their lives because of this deadly virus.

Hopefully, the Corona kit by Patanjali works effectively and people could take a breath of relief.


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