Land Worship for Ram mandir is supposed to be in the first week of August, According to the first meeting of Shriramjanambhoomi tirtha kshetra which held on Saturday,  keeping an eye on all things two auspicious dates 3rd and 5th of august were taken out for the worship of Shri Ram’s Janam Bhoomi. Trust has invited Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi for the opening and for the worship as well. The rest of the Decisions will be taken by the PMO (The Office Of the Prime Minister).

The Map for The Temple has been Changed now, 5 Domes will be build instead of 3, And The Trust took the demand seriously for the expansion of the temple which is raised by all the saints of Ayodhya. The new map will be having the new design for giving a  more attractive and more imposing look for the temple. due to which the height and the width would be increased.

ram mandir

This verdict has taken a very long time to build Ram Mandir, And after this, we have been through from worst circumstances because after this verdict of SC many of communal riots have happened in Ayodhya and many other parts of India because this was one of the toughest judgments for the supreme court. Then the final verdict came in the favor of Hindus, and SC has announced that  5 Acers will be given to the Muslim community also to build a masjid in the state.

A very Auspicious and Holy occasion: land worship in Ayodhya.

After getting the news that ram mandir is to build in Ayodhya. Almost all of the Indians were happy. This Brawl has taken many years to be solved.

Mahant Shri Nrityagopal das Ji has invited Prime Minister personally, Two auspicious dates which have been declared for the land worship and for the visiting of Prime Minister as well, by keeping an eye on the movement of planet and stars. This historical verdict had religious and political flashpoints over the country,  it was not an easy judgment for supreme court hence, it took a while to be verdict and it happened finally in the era of BJP. Till now we got a lot of good news. And it is a heartwarming moment for everyone.


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