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Rakhi Sawant's New Boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani

Who is Rakhi Sawant’s New Boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani?

People do not forget any chance to interact with their popular and famous celebrities. Again we are back with some spicy news to update our users and viewers. A piece of news is getting more attention and attracting many people on social media platforms. It has become the talk of the town. This news which we are going to introduce from Bollywood. When one of the most active stars Rakhi Sawant comes to the media and introduced her new boyfriend.


As soon as this news is viral on social media platforms. People are seeking to get to know more details about this news. Thats’ why they are coming to many social media platforms and sources to get further updates. There is no need to worry this article will be helpful to you all. We will let you all know the exact and correct information of that news. You are requested to read this article with the same energy.

Who is Adil Khan Durrani?

Rakhi Sawant is one of the controversies hot chat. The former Bigg Boss contestant became the point of attraction after her separation from her ex-husband Ritesh some years before. Now she has introduced her new boyfriend. She has confirmed that she is dating him. He is identified as Adil Khan Durrani. Her fans are happy and curious to know more about Adil Khan. Let’s have a bunch of spark on Adil.

Rakhi attended an award show recently. She was talking to his boyfriend on a video call and kissed him on it. It has been shown by her to the media. She introduced him indifferent manner, she shared a short video on her Instagram account and she was saying in that video that who else wanna see our team enter Bigg Boss. He is my boyfriend.

Adil Khan Durrani: Age, Instagram, and Net Worth

Adil Khan is a managing director at Used Cars in Mysore, Karnataka. Rakhi said after separating from her ex-husband Ritesh, she was very depressed. God also thought about me and made me meet Adil. He is so charming and amazing. He proposed to me and gifted a BMW. She added in her statement that every girl wants such kind of proposal and I am one of them who already got it.


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