Rajni Bala: Hindu Teacher Shot Dead By Terrorists In Jammu And Kashmir: The brutality of terrorists on minors in Jammu and Kashmir is not in the mood to end as we have been informed of another such gruesome crime case. According to the source, terrorists shot dead a Hindu lady teacher in Jammu and Kashmir. Since this news come out people have been outraged. The killing of a school teacher is another example of the gruesome killing of minorities in Jammu and Kashmir. Who was the victim and what was her name? According to the exclusive details we have found that the late Hindu teacher was Rajni Bala. Keep reading this story as here we have explained plenty of aspects related to Rajni Bala’s killing. Scroll down the page and take a look below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rajni Bala

Jammu and Kashmir police stated that the terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir will be neutralized soon. According to the report, a woman named Rajni Bala was designated as a school teacher in Kulgam district, Kashmir. Rajni Bala was a 36 years old woman and she was Hindu. Furthermore, it has also been reported that terrorists shot her to death in the Gopalpora area of Kulgam. Fetch more information about her in the next section.

The 36 years old teacher was killed macabrely in Kulgam. However, Rajni Bala was also taken to a hospital but nothing came into use and doctors pronounced her dead. Following her demise, the police department released a statement and said the terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir will be neutralized soon after the identification. Rajni Bala was a resident of Samba, Jammu. The area where Rajni Bala was killed has been cordoned off. Omar Abdullah who is the National Conference vice-president said the attack on a school teacher is a despicable action. Shift to the next section for further details.

As we have mentioned already, the late school teacher was a civilian in the Samba district of the Jammu region. She was a government official and she died as a married woman. Rajni Bala was the wife of her husband named Raj Kumar. Omar said, “this is yet another killing of an unarmed civilian. May the late teacher rest in peace but the officers will not rest till the situation normalizes”. As of yet, no arrest has been made by the police department but an intensive investigation has been started. Stay tuned.


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