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Rajkanya Baruah Accident Case: Victim Succumbs To Injuries At GMCH


Rajkanya Baruah Accident Case: We are so disheartened that we have to write these terrible accidents news at least once a day. The accident is increasing day by day the government must have to take dome serious action against this. As people are losing their lives in such incidents. The death rates due to accidental re increasing and this is the topic of concern. So this time we are with the accident report of a Rajkanya Baruah, who is a suspect of a car accident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rajkanya Baruah Accident Case

Rajkanya Baruah Accident Case

Joseph Marak is the victim who has been severely injured in the accident and in the accident former Femina Miss India was involved. Rajkanya Baruah has been involved in providing serious injuries and Joseph Marak is in the Gauhati Medical College for his treatment. This incident is making the headlines in the news. So as per the sources, he has been lost both legs in this accident.

She was got arrested on October 6 for driving after drink and she also cause injuries to the 9 PWD workers. And this is the most terrible accident all the workers are in the hospital and their treatment is still going on. They are et to serious injuries.

But this case becomes controversial when she has been bailed in just 24 hours and this makes the families and other people take ustand of those injured workers. This case has been granted to the high authorities and the investigation is still going on. There is a viral video on the internet in which we can see that Joseph is badly injured and he is hospitalized.

A model is under the custody police is investigating the whole matter deeply. Whereas as per the sources the senior doctor named Navanil is invited in this as he helped her to get out from this.

There are several questions that are being raised on social media platforms when does this accident take place? What were the exact timings of the incident? Where she was coming from? What is the exact place where this infinite occurred? Why did she get a bail-in 24 hours? Who was helping her other than the doctor?

So the answer to all the questions is going to be unveiled later, once we will receive the investigation reports, will be going to update you on the same platform. So don’t forget to follow us and bookmark our site.

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