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Rahul Gandhi suspends all rallies in West Bengal


The Congress leader has announced that he is going to cancel all of his public rallies that were scheduled in West Bengal considering the fact that the situation is really critical with the covid 19 and it is for the betterment of everyone that he cancels the public rallies as there is a high chance of many people getting affected by the coronavirus and we think that this is a really great decision by the congress leader and many politicians should learn from this and should follow this to get the critical situation of covid back to normal as every small step is going to come in handy and surely is going to help the situation, he has also stated that West Bengal has already seen a spike in the cases and him carrying on public rallies is not going to help anyone which has made him took the desperate decision even though the City in the middle of its eight phased assembly elections.

Rahul Gandhi

The election commission has also stated that the criteria that were set upon for the rallies were thrown out of the window by all of the parties and were not responsibly following the rules and parameters that were set up by the election commission which has resulted in the spike of the corona cases in the West Bengal.

And to counter the situation election commission has come up with some new norms and strict action will be taken against the parties who are again being irresponsible, they have set up many of the timings for rallies to work systematically in order to control the 2nd wave that has hit the country like a storm. The orders that have been presented will have to be followed from Friday onwards starting at 7:00 Pm

It has been mentioned in the order that all of the street plays, bike rallies, nukkad sabhas and all of the public meetings will be extended to 72 hours which will be before the end of the polls for the phase 6, 7 and 8 which are going to be held in the state of West Bengal.

The state has already reported having 6,910 new infections and there are many that are not even being recorded yet, the state has even seen 26 deaths in one day, the total cases have reached up to 6,43,795 which is according to the state health Bulletin and 41,047 are the standing cases in the state of West Bengal. India has also seen the deadliest day when it comes to deaths due to coronavirus which is about 1,501 which seems to be a really critical situation and small steps are required to neutralize the situation.

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