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Rahat Indori Has Passed Away Due To Cardiac Arrest Also Found COVID Positive In Morning


One of the Saddest news of India. Very famous poet Rahat Indori has passed away today. Earlier he tweeted that he found Positive of Covid19 positive and the news which came after 05:00 PM revealed that he has passed away. Million of hearts will cry today, he was not just a poet, he was the voice of millions of broken hearts and a feeling. Seems like we are listing his poetry from his own and he is saying that I am joking and I am alive, and there is not a single chance of doubt that he is still alive and will always in our heart.

Dr Rahat Indori

Rahat Indori was a feeling and also was a king because of the way he used to express his words no one can do even try as well in the way which he had. He was an idol and inspiration for all of those who want to become a poet, whether broken heart his voice heels everything and every word hits directly to the brain and heart. His team has tweeted

Mr. Indori was a Bollywood Lyricist and Urdu language poet. He was a former professor of Urdu language and a painter as well. We have seen bios like history created and all but the history created when Rahat took birth on 1 January 1950. He Died at 70 at the hospital due to cardiac arrest and put us all in mourn.

He can’t be dead because he will be living in our hearts with his mind-blowing words. When he used to express his poetry he melts either brings enthusiasm in every heart of all the listeners. Being a writer I can say that he will be living in our hearts because he was the legend. Whether a boy or a girl his last poetry went on breaking records to be in trend and the lines were ” Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi”. But as he said that “Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nahi” but he has gone hard to believe. Feels like he will awake and say again some of the lines from his diary. He Will be Living in our hearts and we will keep him in our hearts and minds.#RIP #Rahatindori #Legendneverdies.

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