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RECORD BREAKING: Radhe Shyam Teaser Views In 24 Hours – The Most Viewed Tollywood


Radhe Shyam Teaser Views In 24 Hours: Hello, Tollywood lovers, we are here with the good news for you all. The enthusiast who is Tollywood lovers is going to be happy to know that the teaser of the most awaited and the upcoming film “Radhe Shyam” is released now and you ace watch it. Well just after its release it crosses numerous views. You all might be getting curious to know what is inside the teaser so let’s jump to grab the detail about the years and some other essential details of the upcoming release. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Radhe Shyam Teaser Views In 24 Hours

Radhe Shyam Teaser Views In 24 Hours

The teaser of the film is released on October 24, 2021. Only on the UV creation youtube channels. So those who still have not watched the teaser let us tell you that it is one minute and 19 seconds long. Which is s eys catchy and attractive. As per the teaser, we can say that the film is going to be based on romance and true love.

“It start’s with a voiceover which is ‘I know you but I won’t tell you, I can feel your heartbeat but I won’t tell you. I can see your failures, I can sense your death but still, I want to tell because it is all beyond your understanding. My name is Vikram Aditya, I’m not a god but not one of you either.’ Other than this we can see the main lead lying and wondering these things he seems rich and so wise and it ends at the watch.”

The teaser is already crossed millions of views and there is more to be counted on. It is actually attractive and eyes catchy. The fans and viewers are commented in the tears section “this film is going to be so amazing and we are waiting for its’ realize curiously”

The main leads are, ‘Pan India star Prabhas and Pooja Hegde, both of them will going to appear in the film. As per the teaser, we will see that Prabahs is killing the charter he is looking so perfect in this character and it seems that no one else may be best suited for this character in the film Radhe Shyam. As per the source, this film is at the second most viewed tears of Tollywood. As it crossed 46 million views till now just after its release. As the first most viewed tears are of film “KGF Chapter 2” with 68.8 million views on it. Saaho is at third number.

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