Rachelle Miller and Alan Tudge Affair And Abusive Relationship Hoax Debunked: Famous personalities always live in the limelight time for good reasons or sometimes for bad reasons. One such politician is presently the talk of the town. Rachelle Miller is an ex-staffer of the Australian politician, Alan Tudge. She served as his secretary as well as a press advisor. Miller is presently a moderate liberal and a mother. Apart from that, he is a nature, gardener, and barre lover as well as an optimist in training as per her social media bio. Miller got the spotlight after she blamed Alan for emotional and physical abuse. She asserted that he kicked her and swore on her when they were in the hotel room. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rachelle Miller and Alan Tudge

Rachelle Miller and Alan Tudge Affair?

Alan Tudge and Rachelle Miller were involved in an extra-marital affair in the year 2017. They worked together and that is how they came close. Slowly, they got attracted to each other and their 20-years-long wedding of Alan ended because of it. Miller declared that she and Tudge were dating through a show titled “Four Corners” in the month of November of 2020. Furthermore, she alleged him of bullying and intimidation.

Rachelle Miller and Alan Tudge Abusive Relationship

In the month of December 2021, Rachelle claimed that Alan had abused her both physically and emotionally. After the claims, Tudge stayed away from the ministry to facilitate the probe. According to the ABC, Tudge has been cleared of breaching any rules. In the spite of that, he resigned from the cabinet of Scott Morrison on the 4th of March 2022. Alan had stepped aside from his post in the month of December of 2021. As of now, he is aimed at re-election as the Member for Ashton.

Who Is The Husband Of Rachelle Miller?

Rachelle Miller has concealed the information about her former husband. She has neither shared his name nor his identity. She was wedded at least once in her lifetime. In further addition to this, she is a mother since she has welcomed kids from her past relationship. Though Miller rose to fame after having an affair with former Education Minister, Alan Tudge.

At that time, he was wedded to his wife, Teri Etchells. Teri and Tudge were wedded for 20 years and they got split in the year 2017. They have 3 children and their youngest child was born just a year prior to their separation. Rachelle Miller who is an ex-political staffer as well as the advisor does not have her bio.


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