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Qurbaan Hua, Written Update, 24 May 2021, Neel Get Married Alka!


In the new episode, you are going to see Neil who has woken up and he is having a severe headache but it seems like that he is not at all aware of what has happened to him and he is also shocked as he has woken up in a Tabbal for Cows and then Chahat enters the scene as she is bringing lemonade for Neil as she is stating that it is suitable for those who are having a hangover and then he stated that he is not drunk at all and then she asks of him to walk straight for 5 seconds in order to prove.

Qurbaan Hua

He is stable and he is not drunk and then he goes on to perform what she has suggested but he is not able to walk straight for some reason and then he sits outside and then he stated that what is the reason that she didn’t call him inside the house when she was aware that he is drunk and she stated that she was trying to save him from the scolding that Vijay Ji would have given him as she is pretty well aware that in this house drinking is not allowed and he would have been scolded badly for the same so she thought that it is best to make him sleep here and then she further stated that she is aware that all of the religions preach and teach about good deeds.

In the next scene, you are going to see Ghazala as he is trying to find Akram but it seems like that he cannot find him, and then she is thinking to herself that how can they leave the house when they are aware that everyone is trying to find them and then she finds a letter which has been written by Amrit in which he has stated that he has left them to go and stay with his friend as he just can’t tolerate poverty that has been the part of his life for years and after reading the letter she got all teary as her son has left her because he thinks that they are poor and then you are going to see Neil who is seeing asking for forgiveness from God as he knows that drinking is a sin and he shouldn’t do it.

Then he is seeing trying to help the family as he wants them to do good in life but the family is refuse to take his help ass they think that he is trying to flaunt that he has become a big person now but that is not the case and then he gets disappointed after seeing that his family is thinking that he has changed.

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