Home Entertainment Qurbaan Hua Today’s Written Update 11th February 2021: Vijay Ji get Arrested

Qurbaan Hua Today’s Written Update 11th February 2021: Vijay Ji get Arrested


We are here with another “Qurbaan Hua” of 11th February 2021, written episode update. The episode starts with Neel comes and reacted aggressively after seeing a celebration and asks Baleq what’s happening here then Baleq clarifies the ritual of a villager and tells Neel to stay calm.  Bale makes up his mind to marry his daughter to Neel to save himself. But he is still confusing whether Neel marries his daughter or not.

Qurbaan Hua Today's Written Update 11th February 2021

Neel gets tensed when he didn’t find Chahat anywhere and suddenly his feet put on a rock and the bees come out which makes him unconscious and meanwhile, Chahat come to help him and somehow she manages to save him. Neel takes his wife into the room and asks her why she is tensed and angry with him. He realizes that it’s because he took the decision without even consulting her. And their conversation goes on.

While Alakh Nanda and Chahat having a convo Neel enters and the light goes. She leaves and Neel searches for candles. Later he says to leave from there but Chahat tells him to stop. But Neel says there is no reason to stay with her. Chahat tells him that she has planned a surprise for him. And starts to dance but falls in Neel’s arm and exclaims how they should stay together. The next morning, Godambri questions Baleq where was he in last night he tells that, “Unknowingly Neel agrees to get marry our daughter but he will refuse when he gets to know the truth.

Neel wakes up and asks Chahat that how they use to live their married life before and both continue with it. Neel suddenly reminds that Chahhat told him about the village ritual that if a girl dance in front of her husband they would never get separated, which made him think of the previous day that a girl danced in front of him whereas he calls Baleq and questions what all these happening. Police arrive and Baleq wonders that he can’t let Vyas Ji arrest while Godambari also thinks the same.

When Chahat wakes up she wonders that Neel’s anger is difficult to handle and she is unable to make him calm and she prays to god for his anger. When Neel reaches the house, Baleg informs him that the police have come and arrested Vyas Ji and he is late. Stay tuned with our site to grab all the latest episode written update of “Qurbaan Hua” so, don’t forget to watch the full episode on Zee Tv at 10:30 PM Mon-Fri

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