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Qurbaan Hua, 27th May 2021, Written Update, Neel and Chahat to divorce each other?


Today’s episode begins with Neel and Chahat as they reach the court where the lawyer asks them the reason that why they want to give divorce to each other. Chahat says that she wants to stay with him but he doesn’t. Then the lawyer questions Neel why he wants to separate from her. He tells him that he doesn’t like her eating habits as she eats a lot. Chahat says that when he has no problem with his OCD problem so he can also accept her with that. Neel says that nothing is like that. Chahat takes out his lipstick and destroys it.

Qurbaan Hua

Seeing this, Neel starts cleaning it. Neel says to her that she should leave him if she has a problem with him. She says but she can live with him along with these problems. He says to her if she would have given him a chance to protect her, he would never lose her. She says that he is getting a chance now for this. The lawyer advises them to sort their issues. Neel says no, he wants to end his relationship with her. The lawyer says to them after 6 months they can be divorced till then they have to stay together. He asks Chahat to sort the things out.

In the night, Chahat feels stress thinking about how will she and Neel stay together without fighting. Chahat opens the almirah and sees Neel inside it. Neel says to her that she is doing wrong. He starts removing his shirt and tells her that he has a right on her. He goes too close to her and asks if she is afraid. She says no. She says that they don’t love each other. He says that he can come close to her with love. He takes her to the bed, she feels nervous.

The kids see them close to each other. They thought that they are fighting with the pillow. They also join them. Neel is about to go but Dua stops her and asks him to sleep with them. Neel sleeps along with the kids while Chahat thinks about Vyas Ji’s changed behavior as he didn’t get angry at her. She thinks to talk to him. In the morning, Dua fights with Neel as she wants to eat omelets for the breakfast, not vegetables. Neel says that they are vegetarian. Dua says Sahil is better than Neel which makes him angry. You can catch the latest episode of “Qurbaan Hua” on Zee TV at 10:30 PM.

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