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Qurbaan Hua 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat Stops Neel’s Wedding!


The episode begins with Neel as he says to Alka that Dua will stay with them. Alka feels bad hearing him but didn’t say anything to him thinking that she can’t deny it. Shlok comes to them and says Neel and Chahat are their parents so they should get married. Shlok says that she wants them to call their parents. Neel hugs Shlok emotionally. Shlok says that from now he will call Daddy. Neel denies marrying Chahat. Shlok gets upset hearing him. Naveli says to Chahat now that she knows the whole truth so she should stop Neel’s marriage with Alka.

Qurbaan Hua

Chahat says not, she can’t do this that she has agreed that she and Neel are not made for each other. She says that she came here for something else but met Shlok and now she can live his life with his memories. Naveli asks if she will leave Dua here. Dua comes to them and says she won’t leave her. Dua says because Neel and Chahat are her real parents so they should live together. Shlok also joins them and says the same as Dua. Shlok addresses Chahat as a mom. She gets emotional and hugs him tightly. Shlok asks her not to leave Neel.

Later, Alka and Neel get ready for marriage and sits in the mandap. Shlok and Dua see everything so far and think everything is going wrong. On the other hand, Neel gets stressed thinking that she can’t marry Chahat and to take care of his children, he needs to marry Alka. Suddenly, the police enter and say, this marriage can’t happen as Neel didn’t give divorce to his first wife. He says it is crime, according to law. Chahat makes her entry along with the children and starts their drama. Neel says to the inspector that she is lying.

The police say to him that they can arrest him for his second marriage because he can’t do that before the divorce. Police go from there. Alka stares at Chahat. Chahat says that she did everything for her kids as they have the right to stay with their own parents. The kids hug her and Chahat thinks to give another chance to her relationship with Neel. Naveli says to Alka that Neel and Chahat still love each other and will be united again for sure. Alekh scolds her. Chahat says sorry to Alka while Neel comes there and says that soon he will give divorce to Chahat. Watch the full episode of “Qurbaan Hua” on Zee Tv at 10:30 PM.

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